Discovering Jumbuk was a revelation. One look and we were hooked. This little slice of paradise compelled us and continues to captivate us to this day. The sweeping views, the majestic hills, the flora, the fauna, the raw exposure to the elements, the splendid isolation, this was, and still is, us.   

With a great urge to preserve what’s left of our natural world, Jumbuk and its surrounds allows us to showcase the benefits of treading lightly on our planet, using less resources and protecting our precious natural habitats. As passionate conservationists we are committed to keeping this place a haven for the birds, plants and animals who call Jumbuk Park home. First Nations People lived in harmony with the natural world for millennia. In an era of devastating natural destruction it is time that non-first nations people learned to take their lead.

We love this place, and we are sure our guests will too; for its wild natural beauty, for its abundant wildlife and for the deep sense of peace that envelops you when you drive through the gates. We want our guests to see first-hand the wonders of our natural world and what can be achieved if it is cherished, valued and preserved. We love sharing Jumbuk with others and we hope our guests can share in our passion for our natural world.  

Aside from proffering Jumbuk’s natural attractions and health benefits our aim is to run Jumbuk as a thriving social enterprise. Jumbuk Park will run to help benefit the young people of the Latrobe Valley. To begin with the gates will open and the public will be welcomed in to this little slice of paradise. Over the years as more and more people get to experience this unique property the enterprise will build. With more exposure comes more guests and with more guests comes more revenue. Healthy revenue will ultimately allow Jumbuk Park to sustain a wrap-around support program designed to give the youth of the valley the springboard they need to launch in to a life well-lived.