Jumbuk is surrounded by temperate rainforest and with it's fern gullies and an abundance of wildlife it will take you to another world.


Jumbuk is home to a population of very cute echidnas. They are not often seen but are a delight when spotted waddling along or digging for food.

A pair of masked lapwings ( plovers) call Jumbuk home and utilise the grassy plains for the nesting

There is a large family of amazingly intelligent and family orientated birds that live and raise their young in the trees around the accommodation area. 

This amazing creature has called this area home for millions of years and rules the night here. They come out at last light and into the evening. You will be sure to see these muscle bound digging machines if you quietly walk around the cabins at night. 

The Strezlecki koala can be found in select trees on the property. Most guests get to experience the thrill of seeing a wild koala. Jumbuk is committed to improving koala habitat through the annual planting of specific koala trees in an effort to assist this genetical diverse species. 

See the incredible wedge-tailed eagles soar above you as they hunt for food in the hills of Jumbuk. 

Yellow tailed black cockatoos live in the area and their distinctive call is a joy to be heard

The Jumbuk forest is a favourite place for the many kookaburras tp perch and sing. 

Jumbuk's open grassed areas are often frequented by a family of Eastern Grey kangaroos. They can normally be found grazing together on the property in the late afternoon or first thing in the morning.

The steep country is the wallabies domain and they flourish here. You will be sure to see them if you are a quiet as they live around the cabin area as well as all over the property 

The fern gullies of Jumbuk are filled with lyrebirds. You will hear these masters of imitation from your cabin doorstep and for the very stealthy you may catch a glimpse of this ground forager looking for food.

David Attenborough Lyrebird Youtube Clip 

Jumbuk is home to a wide variety of parrots from the crimson rosella to the king parrot. But don't be fooled by the lyre bird who likes to imitate them.