Archery – Fancy yourself as a modern day Robin Hood, why not try your hand at archery. It can take a little practise to master but nothing beats the satisfaction of finally hitting that bullseye.  



Oodles of fun to be had out on the lake with our stand-up paddle boards. Very big , very buoyant and very easy to use in our sheltered lake environment.



Raft building – Try your hand at raft building and have a lot of fun along the way. A great chance to gauge just how well your team is travelling . This is one activity where you’re sure to have some serious laughs as you test out your newly constructed raft and see if it stays afloat as you race it around the buoys.




Jumbuk Park is heaven for bushwalkers and nature lovers alike. We’ve got endless trails both on-site and off that will lead you into some magical worlds with many wonderous discoveries to be made. Animals and birds abound and you’re sure to spot them especially if you tread quietly. There are fern gullies, beautiful creeks, ancients forests and glorious vistas to be had as you traipse around this little known part of the world. There are many walking tracks that start and end at Jumbuk and for the serious hikers looking for a one way hiking experience out into the wilds of the Strzelecki’s we can arrange an end of hike pick up. 



Jumbuk Park is the perfect base point from which to go off and explore kilometres of Strzelecki mountain tracks. Take in incredible vistas, old growth forest areas, glorious mountain streams and creeks. You can also test yourself on any number of challenging assents and crazy-hairy descents. Or take yourself and your crew over to Balook to enjoy the Lyrebird café and its splendid surrounds. 

Choose a route that starts and ends at Jumbuk or take a one-way ride and we’ll come and pick you up at the other end.



Nothing beats the warm, hypnotic  glow of a Jumbuk Park campfire, especially on a cool Jumbuk evening. Gather round, share your stories, strum your gui-tar and let all the worries of the world pass you by for a moment as you take in the brilliant sky show on a clear Jumbuk night.




Jumbuk Park can take you to the movies thanks to our big-screen, surround sound, movie projector.  You supply the content and we’ll supply the cinematic experience. We also have a blue ray DVD player for you to use (which plays standard DVDs too) and an HDMI socket to plug into so you’ll just need to bring the laptop.