90 Minutes

Waratah Bay is the place to go for a quiet, secluded, day at the beach. With a stunning Wilson's Prom backdrop there is no place like it for lovers of virtually deserted coastlines. Swim, paddle, play and relax or try your hand at fishing at one of the many great fishing spots along the shore line. 



40 Minutes

The Morwell River flows through valleys of the Strzelecki Ranges for more than 40 kilometres. The Morwell River Falls are a set of waterfalls that lie in the upper reaches of the river near the township of Boolarra.


Quite a lovely lovely spectacle and an easy walk from the car park the Morwell River Falls are more than worth the effort. 


  30 minutes

The drive from Jumbuk to Tarra Bulga National Park is an experience in itself with winding dirt roads and panoramic views of stunning mountain scenery. Once there you’ll get to experience cool temperate rain-forest where a diverse range of ferns and trees thrive.  .


The park provides food and nesting areas for birds like the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo, Eastern Whipbird, Laughing Kookaburra and Crimson Rosella plus the ever- beguiling lyrebird.


10 minutes

Just down the road from us here at Jumbuk is the Morwell National Park. Small in size but of great value in preserving a remnant of the area’s original plant and animal life.

Enjoy a range of activities including picnicking, bird watching, bushwalking and nature study. The best way to enjoy the park is to walk through it following a number of well-marked trails. You can experience exceptional views across the Latrobe Valley from the Jumbuk Road entry.