If the feeling fits you were made for Jumbuk

Some groups are ideally suited to Jumbuk and its incredible rugged natural setting. Read on to see
whether Jumbuk could be the perfect fit for your group's needs and desires.  


What a place to get together as a family! Multi-generational groups can gather as one here and revel in each other’s company. Families can play together, laugh together, eat together and go on little adventures as they take in the beauty and serenity of Jumbuk Park. With room for sixty guests, even large family groups can gather as one and enjoy the wonders of Jumbuk.




Jumbuk is heaven on earth for bird watches and nature lovers. Click here for a taste of some of the species you might encounter during your Jumbuk stay. You’ll note this is a link to a list of flora and fauna found in the Tarra Bulga national park. With our property located in range of Tarra Bulga you will find many of the same native species here.


Much of our bush and temperate rainforest remains untouched and some of the forest that borders our property is said to pre-date European settlement. As such we have a truly wonderous variety of flora, fauna and birdlife. Jumbuk gives you an opportunity to get out and amongst it. Be sure to tread lightly and aim for dawn and dusk as this is the time our wildlife is at its most active.  




Peace, tranquillity, uninterrupted space and time. What better place to sit and write and soak up the silence?  With very few distractions up here save from the odd cute koala and mob of kangaroos this may be the perfect place for a writer’s retreat. Be energised and inspired by the stunning natural surrounds as you go out and explore the property between paragraphs and pages. This may well be the place for the prose to flow. 





Talk about inspiration, everywhere you look at Jumbuk there’s a new scene and setting to capture (have you seen our photos?). So pack you easel, pack you paints and pack you canvas because out here amongst the mighty gums, the sprawling hills and magic spring fed lake you’ll find the space and time to create your masterpiece.




Jumbuk is perfectly set up for a food and wine retreat. We have fantastic cooking facilities, an expansive kitchen and plenty of cool and dry storage for all your produce. There is also plenty of bench space which makes it suitable for cooking classes. Equally importantly we have a commercial dishwasher making washing-up a breeze. And once your culinary creations are ready you can enjoy them in a magnificent dining setting overlooking the Strzelecki Ranges with a very real feeling of being on top of the world.




Looking for a place to host your next corporate retreat? Look no further than Jumbuk Park. With ample opportunity for team bonding through the endless outdoor and indoor pursuits that Jumbuk offers Jumbuk could be the perfect place for your next corporate retreat. We can offer tailored team building sessions using our outdoor initiative course to achieve great outcomes for your group. There is also much bonding to be had over good food and wine in the picturesque setting that is Jumbuk Park.

We offer plenty of spaces for you to run workshops, host presentations and conduct corporate strategy sessions in our light, bright beautiful Jumbuk breakout spaces. With all the equipment you will need to run effective and productive planning sessions. 



Jumbuk Park. Could there be a better place to hang out with your friends, in total comfort and in wow-factor surrounds? There is just so much to do up here with your friends in tow. And with great places to hang out and enjoy each other’s company, what more could you want? Catch up over a campfire, a canoe sesh, a cook-up or a cold one. With exclusive use of this exquisite property you can make the most of the precious time you have up here with your friends, free from the distractions of every-day life. Up here you’ll create memories to last a lifetime or at least be able to create lots of opportunities for social media pics.




Hikers and bushwalkers you will be in your element here in the Jumbuk Park wilderness with an extensive network of bush tracks and trails bound to inspire. Your spirits will lift as you are transported to the wonders of the natural world, including spectacular old-growth forest, joyful birdsong and the best of our native wildlife. With walks starting from our one-hour Jumbuk Park circuits through to the mighty 5-day Strzelecki track, you’re sure to find an adventure to match your motivation.



If you’re looking for a peaceful place to retreat far from the clamour and clatter of ever-day life, then look no further Jumbuk Park. Immersed in nature and situated on top of the world, tranquillity and a deep sense of relaxation can be achieved in little to no time here. Calm, centred, present; three meditative states that can easily be realised once ensconced in this vast, timeless landscape.

We offer plenty of spaces for indoor and outdoor yoga and meditation and for those interested in silent retreats, the only noise you will encounter here is the birdsong emanating from the surrounding bush.